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Creating space in the world for your youest-you

LGBTQ+ Affirming Therapy

Embracing your true self can be challenging, especially in a world that may not always affirm your identity.

...when you're constantly navigating questions about who you are...
...your mind racing, wondering if you're seen and understood... seek connection, yet fear judgment and rejection... can be exhausting, trying to fit into others' expectations...
...feeling both seen and unseen at the same time...

At Divergent Path Wellness, we're committed to inclusive practice that celebrates your identity.

Your experience comes first.

At Divergent Path Wellness, we're committed to creating space for authenticity. The very idea of self-acceptance and celebrating all parts of you might feel distant today. That's makes complete sense as we live in complex, sometimes destructive, environments. More is possible.

Imagine this: A future version of you is getting ready to end therapy. You've given themself permission to take up space in their life in new ways. You're celebrating growth and healing with your therapist. Together, you've navigated challenges that once felt overwhelming. Life feels different as you step into expanding possibilities. While it might feel far away, it begins with this step that you're taking today.

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We love ACT because:

It's evidence-based

It's a flexible approach

It promotes self-compassion

It develops your
inner guidance

We're ACT Therapists who are passionate about creating space for authenticity.

What would it be like to come home to an empowered you?

…moving through life with new ease…
…anchored in unapologetic authenticity…
…able to speak your mind…
…embracing your expanding life…
…showing up with confident integrity…

How It Works

Step 1

Book a free consult with our Intake Coordinator. 

Step 2

Get matched with the right therapist for you. 

Step 3

Start working with your therapist and begin feeling new confidence and living life on your own terms. 

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