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Meet our team

At Divergent Path Wellness our team is guided by the values of authenticity (being vulnerable in the service of our personal values), sustainability (caring for ourselves so we can care for our clients), and honoring lived experience (committed to anti-oppression and being humble to the limits of our own experience). Get to know us.

Elease Cook

When you are going through a major life transition, I am here to support you. You need some guidance in setting healthy boundaries, getting reacquainted with your life in a way that engages you. 


This matters whether you're taking a next step: pursuing a new job or new relationship, or you've just discovered some life-changing information that has you re-evaluating everything. 

I'm here because I'm passionate about listening to people who don't feel heard. 


When you're entering a new chapter, you're getting opinions from all angles and you need some support from someone who can hear your side of things clearly. I want to help you tune in to your own voice.


You're questioning everything. Let's help you trust yourself


I know what it's like to leave toxic places and relationships. I know the uncertainty of a new start.


If you're looking for an honest, resourceful, eclectic therapist who knows what it is to overhaul your life, I am ready to support you.


My years of experience helping caregivers, high achievers, and stressed out professionals informs my strengths-based approach, meeting you where you are, to care for your mental health.


I'm also very familiar with the experiences of people from collectivistic or multi-generational families who struggle with self-care and setting boundaries. 


We'll reconnect you with your inner badass. Schedule a free consultation to discover a life you're passionate about. 

Elease Cook, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Virginia license no. 0904015746


The fee for a 55-minute session with Elease is $180

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