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Want to share your feedback with Divergent Path Wellness?

We love information! If we're in person, real-time information is valuable ("Hey, this is really helpful to me." or "I'm feeling a bit lost here.") and your feedback on any process we're in together is always welcome. It also helps us to develop our services, and acknowledge what we're doing well, to have data from your experience. 

Please note: the form below is anonymous and for anyone who's interacted with Divergent Path Wellness. There's an option on the last page to leave your email address if you'd like follow up.


Thanks for letting us know how we're doing!

Want to get more specific?

The form above helps us have consistent data to guide our practice but it might not cover everything.


If you have a thought you want to share, or something the above survey is missing - use the form below to send us a message. 

We appreciate your feedback!

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