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Bookish Beauties

Supportive Book Group for
Black women & nonbinary people

Why a book group?

Connecting with community over relevant reads is what the Bookish Beauties supportive book group is all about. Grab our current book and get ready to deep dive into liberating literature.


Bookish Beauties is an opportunity to embrace your love of reading while leaning into community.

We'll dig into reads about neurodivergence, queer identities, and related experiences.

You do not need to be queer or neurodivergent to join the group. Allies are welcome. You do need to be curious, open and know that we don't speak for others and value lived experience.

Our Current Read

How to ADHD

by Jessica McCabe

Image by Priscilla Du Preez 🇨🇦

What to expect

Once you register for the free session(s) you plan to attend, you'll get an invitation to connect virtually. Get your read on and when we connect we'll get into...


Introductions & Boundaries

Who we are, why we're here, and what we (as a group) can do to keep things supportive. 



Prior to group, you're encouraged to read a chapter or section that's most relevant to you. Join the section you registered for whether you read or not!  The non-linear format of the group is designed for you to jump in. In group, we'll hear a reading prior to...


Relating / Responding

You're invited to reflect on the reading you read prior to group, or the one read by the group facilitator, relating it to your experience. You and the other group members are encouraged to offer mutually supportive feedback.


Reflection / Recap

We'll prepare to transition from time in group to what comes next. As you prepare to leave the session, your feedback is welcome to collaboratively create a supportive experience.

What book group is not...

Book groups are not therapy. They are an outreach activity of Divergent Path Wellness and are not a substitution for mental health treatment. Book groups are open to the general public and do not establish a client/therapist relationship with Divergent Path Wellness or its associates.

Did you land on this page when you were looking for therapy? You can learn about therapy services (available to residents of Virginia) at Divergent Path Wellness by clicking on the word "Therapy" on the top menu.

If you're looking for therapy and are not in Virginia we recommend checking out the directory at Inclusive Therapists

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