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Meet our Team

At Divergent Path Wellness our team is guided by the values of authenticity (being vulnerable in the service of our personal values), sustainability (caring for ourselves so we can care for our clients), and honoring lived experience (committed to anti-oppression and being humble to the limits of our own experience). Get to know us.


Hannah Dickey, MSW

Hannah (she/they) is a resident therapist serving clients across Virginia in online sessions. A supervisee in social work, she is supervised by Helen Dempsey-Henofer LCSW.

Balancing directness with humor and genuine care, Hannah is committed to developing queer clinical competencies both as an advocate and a clinician. They support clients in moving beyond self-acceptance to celebration of queer identity.


Their passion for affirming therapy is evident both in individual therapy and as the facilitator of Queering Self-Care, a group for LGBTQ+ young adults. 

Matthew Christensen, MSW

Matthew (he/him) is a resident therapist serving clients with evening and weekday availability online and in-person in the Charlottesville office. A supervisee in social work, Matthew also offers walk-and-talk sessions. 

Informed by lived experience recovering from religious trauma and embracing his queer identity, Matthew's passion for offering therapy that honors people just as they are draws from these life experiences as well as his own experiences in therapy. 


If you are seeking a therapist to support you in taking up space in your life with new authenticity, Matthew is ready to walk beside you (sometimes literally) on your path to self-discovery. 


Elease Cook, LCSW

Elease (she/her) is a licensed clinical social worker serving clients on evenings and weekends both online and in-person in the Charlottesville office.

With a unique blend of imaginative spark and practical feedback, Elease co-creates new possibilities with Black women and nonbinary people questioning played-out patterns and daring to reimagine their stories. 


Whether in Bookish Beauties Book Group for Black women or individual therapy, Elease is ready to empower you in embracing your main-character energy, 

Helen Dempsey-Henofer

Helen (they/them) is a licensed clinical social worker and the founder of Divergent Path Wellness. Helen provides in-office and walk-and-talk sessions in Charlottesville.

As a queer AuDHD Atheist and lifelong resident of the Southern U.S. they are acutely aware of the importance of informed, affirming therapy for LGBTQIA+ and Neurodivergent people as well as individuals with a religious or spiritual trauma history. Beyond individual therapy, Helen offers professional development, expanding what it means to offer inclusive mental health services. 


Nonconforming humans who are navigating relationship hurdles and mysteries, chronic self-doubt and anxiety discover greater security and clarity while working with Helen. 

Helen Portrait.png

Alex Ambrosini

Alex (she/her) joins Divergent Path Wellness as a human services intern from Old Dominion University. Working towards her bachelor's degree, Alex is pursuing a minor in psychology.

A lifelong resident of the Charlottesville area with experience in healthcare facilities, Alex is drawn towards in a career that combines her passion for diversity with tuning in to unique human experiences. 


As part of her academic learning experience, Alex is involved in outreach (offering community education), co-facilitates support groups and coordinates services. 


Alex, along with the Divergent Path Wellness therapists, provide initial consultations to help you understand the services at Divergent Path Wellness and supporting you in connecting with good-fit therapy. 

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