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Professional Development

Grey and pink banner featuring an abstract silhouette of a branch, and the empowering message 'Empathy Beyond Belief: Inclusive, competent practice with nonreligious clients', showcased on Divergent Path Wellness' Professional Development page

Are you a healthcare provider or mental health professional who strives to provide inclusive, trauma-informed services and received little or no training about working with nonreligious people and the impact of religious bias? 

Utilizing both research and lived experience Helen Dempsey-Henofer MBA, MSW, LCSW engages workshop participants in interactive learning designed to strengthen

the integrity of your inclusive practice.

Inquire to discuss ways to enrich your organization's next in-office professional development offering, retreat or conference, 

tailored to the needs of your audience.

What's the Empathy Beyond Belief

professional development training cover?

  • Nonreligious people's experiences of minority stress 

  • Actionable steps to take with clients to reduce barriers to effective clinical relationships

  • The role of self-compassion in navigating values and worldview conflicts

  • Addressing clinician and organizational cultural biases impacting nonreligious clients to strengthen the integrity of your inclusive practice

Looking forward to discussing

your inquiry with you!

Samuel R. Taub


“This presentation had a profound personal and professional impact on me."

Beth Riley


"This was one of the best trainings I have ever attended in my 25 years as a social worker."

Jacki Ashkin


“This was such an important and thought-provoking workshop. I think every participant gained information they will carry into their professional work with clients.”
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