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To take the next step in caring for you, click on 'Schedule a free consultation'. You can then put yourself directly on the calendar to meet with a member of the Divergent Path Wellness (DPW) team for your free consultation. A consultation does not establish a therapy relationship with Divergent Path Wellness. It is your opportunity to learn more about services at DPW, and ask any questions you have about therapy. If it's a good fit, during the free consultation you'll schedule your first therapy session.

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Psychotherapy accessible online across Virginia

Anywhere in the state of Virginia; safe effective online therapy service is accessible from the comfort and convenience of your home. Sessions are conducted by secure video calls. 


In-person therapy is available in Charlottesville, VA. The office is located conveniently near the intersection of Commonwealth and Greenbrier Drive. Parking is available behind the building. Once parked in the unmarked spaces enter the door on the left. You'll enter into a waiting area. Take a seat and your therapist will meet you at the time of your appointment. 

Comfortable office space featuring a blue loveseat nestled between a cozy fireplace and a bookcase filled with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy books, diverse action figures, and sensory toys, representing the welcoming and inclusive environment at Divergent Path Wellness

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Got Questions?

Use the form to send any questions. We want you to feel confident in having the information you need. The form should not be used for personal or sensitive information and is intended for general queries. You can expect a response within 48 hours Monday-Friday. Want to know if we're a good fit? Schedule a free consultation today. Just as it is for you; your connecting with therapy that is a good fit - matters to us. 

In Case of Emergency

While Divergent Path Wellness does not offer crisis services, it's important that you are able to access appropriate support when you need it.


You can find a list of hotlines here.


If you are experiencing a mental health emergency please reach out to one of the hotlines or call 911. 

Entrance to Divergent Path Wellness, showcasing a welcoming dark red door with a six-pane window, nestled in a gray siding building with rising brick steps, inviting clients into a welcoming waiting area with coffee and chocolate
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