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Schedule a free consultation

Begin with an informed decision

Heck yes to you being here now!


We're glad you're considering making your own well-being a priority. That matters. 


The first step in working with us at Divergent Path Wellness is to schedule a free online consultation directly on the calendar below.


Feeling uncertain? That's okay. This is information-gathering. Scheduling a free consultation does not make you a client. What it does is provide an opportunity to make an informed decision. We want you to connect with therapy that's genuinely a good fit for you. To do that, start with a consultation. 

During your free consultation you'll meet with a member of the team at Divergent Path Wellness. We'll start with the basics: openings available and fees. The reality is that, in addition to approach and relationship, logistics is as essential part of what makes something a good fit.

If we're on the same page with logistics, we'll continue the conversation. You're invited to ask any questions you have that might help you assess if working together is a good fit. We'll discuss our approach to therapy and ask about your experiences.

To schedule your free consultation, use the calendar tool below. Select your date and time and submit your answers to a few basic questions (name, pronouns, how to get in touch, how you found us). Once scheduled, you'll receive a link to a secure video chat. We look forward to meeting you!

While taking this step is significant, it's also perfectly normal if you have some nervousness with it. Sometimes it helps to have an idea of what to expect. Some examples of questions you might be asked: 


Is there anything about you that your therapist needs to be familiar with in order for you to feel confident working with them?


If you've been in therapy before, what worked well for you?  What didn't?


What's motivating you to reach out?

This brief conversation is an opportunity to mutually decide if scheduling a first therapy appointment with us makes sense. You can ask any questions you have. It's important to understand that Divergent Path Wellness does not offer crisis services. Your free 15-minute consultation is not a substitution for a therapy session. If you are in need of immediate mental health support, please call 911 or talk to someone using the list of hotline options.


If working with a therapist who is both a passionate advocate for inclusive practice (they know some things about the impact of the systems we live in) and also shows up as their scrappy, human-to-human, inquisitive, deeply caring self is for you: reach out.


Schedule your free consultation. Discover if working with us is the right path for you.

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