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Resources relevant to experiences of neurodivergence, LGBTQIA+ people, spiritual/religious trauma, deconstruction, and nonreligious folks in religious social climates.

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Beyond "Thank You For Telling Me"

A resource for close friends and family to support your LGBTQIA+ beloved exploring

& embracing queer identity


A letter to the family member or close friend of a person leaving a previously-shared religion

Nonconforming Self-Care Pointers

Practical tips and self-compassion practices to address challenges of nonconforming humans

Relationships & Neurodivergence

Pointers for romantic partners cultivating connection while navigating neurodiversity

As mental health therapists working with nonconforming people, we are intimately familiar with the struggle of wanting the important people in the lives of nonconforming humans to be more informed and affirming.


If you're a nonconforming human, struggling with the question, "How can I get them to understand?" the hard, short answer is, "You can't." You are invited to consider giving yourself permission not to justify your identity to anyone.

If you're not yet ready for that, or if you have a receptive person in your corner who wants to be supportive of you as your explore and discover what resonates for you: we've put these resources together in hopes that it helps your support system be more informed and affirming of your experience.

We encourage you to read over them first and, if you can, connect in person to review what's relevant to your experience. Talk about what's true for you and what, if anything, doesn't fit.


The point of this, afterall, isn't the worksheets themselves but connecting with the resource of supportive, meaningful relationships.


If you would benefit from a supportive relationship with a mental health therapist who is familiar with religious trauma, queerness or neurodivergence, schedule a free consultation. Our team provides informed, affirming mental health services to people across Virginia.


Not in Virginia? We also offer education and peer support groups to people anywhere and can help you connect with a mental health therapist licensed in your area.

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