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Is Working Together a
Good Fit?

In choosing a therapist; the importance of a good fit between therapist and client cannot be underestimated. Here are some answers to commonly asked questions to help you know what to expect. 



Our team offers 55 minute therapy sessions which can be weekly or twice a week depending on needs. On average, new clients start noticing progress after the first 3-5 sessions.

The total duration of therapy varies.

10-12 weeks gives many clients the peace of mind to navigate on their own. Longer term therapy is a better fit for others. Your timeline, like your experience, is unique & based on your individual needs.



Fees at Divergent Path Wellness range from 150-225 USD per session. Fees vary by therapist and are listed on the clinician's profiles, which are under Team on the above navigation bar. A good faith estimate can be found here

Credit, debit and HSA cards are accepted through the client portal. A card is stored for your file and charged the day of service. 

Appointments will be cancelled for accounts with outstanding fees.

Cancellation policy


Once a session is scheduled, it is your designated time & financial responsibility.


If you experience a conflict with your scheduled time; with 48 hours notice, your therapist will work with you to reschedule. This courtesy is not guaranteed and is dependent on time being available in the same calendar week. 

You can find the complete policy here.



Divergent Path Wellness does not accept insurance at this time.


If you are working with an independently licensed therapist (LCSW), a monthly superbill can be provided that you may submit to your insurance for reimbursement. Divergent Path Wellness cannot advise you of the rate of reimbursement, or whether your insurance plan includes out of network benefits.  


It is common for insurance not to provide reimbursement for resident therapists. A resident therapist is a master's level graduate who is working towards licensure in supervision with a licensed therapist. We encourage you to inquire with your insurance provider. We make no guarantees about reimbursement. 





Therapy is offered both online across Virginia and in-person in the Charlottesville, Virginia office. 

Whether to choose online or in-person will be based on what works best for you. If you're uncertain, this can be further discussed during the consultation.

Online therapy can be from the comfort of your home and many clients feel more comfortable accessing support in this way. Clients who choose to meet in person sometime feel more supported by sharing physical space and engaging in hands-on activities. 

There is not a right or wrong, it's about what works best for you. 



Poke around the website to learn about the practice. In summary:

An evidence-based framework called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to guides the sessions at Divergent Path Wellness. What this means is that clients are supported in changing their relationships with difficult thoughts and feelings and taking action in their lives in ways that matter to them. 

Therapists at DPW are inquisitive, irreverent, and empathetic. It's deeply important to us to create accepting, supportive therapy experiences for unconventional folks who often feel out of place.

Want to overcome what's holding your back and show up in your life with more confidence? Let's talk. 



You're here because you know that you'd benefit from talking to someone.

A free 15 minute consultation is offered so that you can ask any questions you have. It's important you feel as prepared as you can getting started. To schedule your free consultation just use the link at the top of the page "schedule your free consultation". 

We're looking forward to connecting with you. 



While we are confident in what we do, we also know that not all therapy is a good fit. That's okay. We hope you'll find support that you connect with. 

Helping you figure out if this is a good step for you is a great benefit of a free consultation.

Before your consultation it may be helpful to consider what you're looking for in therapy. Write down any questions you have so that we can be sure to cover them.


If we're a good fit to work together, you'll be asked if you'd like to schedule an initial session. If you need help connecting with a therapist who offers something different, just ask. We want you to connect with therapy that's a good fit and are happy to provide a referral. 



You may have no idea where to begin, but you are invited to consider what might make someone a good fit for you.


If you have specific worries about therapy; people sometimes dread the idea of rehashing or feeling like they have to dig into their painful stuff -or- have questions about confidentiality, I want us to clear those up in your initial consultation.


You can ask questions at any point in time, but the initial consultation is a good place to start with building some clarity and getting to know one another. Use the button below to schedule a free consultation. 

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