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Connect with a shared commitment to informed,

affirming services through

Professional Development

Here you can find professional trainings for health and human services professionals that are relevant to the experiences of neurodivergence, LGBTQIA+ people, spiritual/religious trauma, deconstruction, and nonreligious folks in religious social climates.

Empathy Beyond Belief

In geographic areas and social communities that are highly religious, Nonreligious people experience increased rates of minority stress and the associated mental health impacts.


Ready to strengthen your culturally competent trauma-informed practice? Learn to provide more inclusive services in this live 2-hour workshop with

Empathy Beyond Belief.

Invisible Intersections

Expansive gender and sexual identities, neurodivergence, and nonreligion/deconversion

are deeply meaningful parts of one's experience.

These parts of who someone is are not always obvious.


In this online training, learn about common challenges experienced by people in these groups from an intersectional lens that honors the unseen identities of people in Invisible Intersections. Coming soon.

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