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(the freedom to be you)

Evidence-based therapy for self-doubt, anxiety & relationship challenges


Working with adults and teens (14+) in Virginia


Committed to affirming, informed counseling for LGBTQIA+ and Neurodivergent humans


Secular, religious-trauma-informed care


Founded by a secular neuroqueer therapist

Nonconforming blue-haired person confronts their fear to explore the wilderness
Venn diagram depicting the overlapping experiences of spiritual trauma, lgbtqia+, and neurodivergence (including autism and adhd)

For as long as you can remember,
you've felt a bit 'different.'

A walking contradiction? More than once you've been described as someone who colors-outside-the-lines and thinks-outside-the-box. 

Whether you:

  • Are neurodivergent (we are experienced in working with ADHDers, Highly Sensitive Persons & adult-identified Autistic humans) whose mind literally works differently than most

  • Experience friction with spiritual and religious bias, related to deconstruction of previously held beliefs, or as a lifelong nonreligious person in religious communities

  • Are clear in your queer identity or questioning gender and sexuality...


What makes you a nonconforming human, matters. It matters to us. More importantly, it matters to you. There's also this uncomfortable truth:


Being 'unique' can be unimaginably lonely. Can we be honest? It can also make it hard to find good-fit therapy.

Whether who you are is, or isn't really, the focus of why you're seeking support; connecting with an affirming therapist at Divergent Path Wellness is a step towards making your well-being a priority (finally).


You might be looking for someone who can help you manage overwhelm, depression and anxiety. You might be facing challenges in your personal or professional relationships, haunted by the ick we call "imposter syndrome" or the poltergeist of rejection sensitivity. Overwhelming existential dread? That's something we work with. 


Those legitimate mental health challenges are more prevalent in the neurodivergent and LGBTQ+ communities and in people with a history of spiritual and religious trauma. Whatever the reason for considering therapy, you need a space where you can show up fully 

Are you saying...

It's beyond tiring. In my relationships, I constantly feel misunderstood. That's enough stress but then I get stuck in my head. There's so much self-doubt and self-questioning.

I know I'm self-aware and that this makes sense, but I need some help learning to trust myself and figuring out what to do...



Evidence-based, neuro-divergence and queer affirming therapy is your space for growth & healing.

You have questions. Intimately familiar with the uncomfortable push-pull of uncertainty, you break things down, deconstruct them. As nonconforming people, we know your questions haven't always been welcome. When you're working with us, things are different

It makes sense to be skeptical. Questioning: Is this really a space where I can show up as me? Will a therapist meet my experience with real understanding? Will they appreciate the wonderful complexity (that feels a lot right now like loneliness) that makes me who I am? Can this help? Is it worth it?

Your questions are where healing and growth begin. Even if right now they sound a lot like WTAF, with a sprinkle of hopelessness. Fiercely independent tendencies on overdrive, you've been considering all the angles, trying to figure this out on your own. There's the question: Can things be different? 


The short answer is, Yes. The caveat is: for things to be different, you'll need a different approach. We're here when you're ready to stop going it alone.

Copy of Helen - 1.png

Ames (they/them)

Individual Therapist

Copy of Helen Portrait - 1_edited.jpg

Matthew (he/him)

Individual Therapist


Elease (she/her)

Individual Therapist


Hannah (they/she)

Individual Therapist

Things can be different. 

There's a possible future as you're ending therapy. Clear on your path forward, you're no longer held back by fear or self-doubt. There's new confidence, clarity, and trust in yourself.  

At Divergent Path Wellness, you've been challenged and cheered for. You've found space to embrace authenticity and discovered healing that works for you

How do you take your first step? You can get started today by reaching out

To schedule your free consultation, you'll use the convenient online scheduling tool to put yourself on our calendar. When we meet, you're encouraged to ask any questions you have about working with us.


If it's a good fit, you'll schedule your first therapy session.

We are passionate about good-fit therapy for queer, neurodivergent folks and those interested in a secular religious-trauma informed approach. Is therapy at Divergent Path Wellness a good-fit for you?

To find out, schedule your free consultation. 

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