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(the freedom to be you)

Discover confidence, security
and freedom from anxiety at
Divergent Path Wellness

Unconventional, Unapologetic
Confidently, Creatively You

You-affirming therapy in Virginia

Nonconforming blue-haired person confronts their fear to explore the wilderness

Who we are

Divergent Path Wellness
Evidence-based therapy for shame, anxiety & relationship challenges

Working with adults and teens (14+) in Virginia

Affirming, informed counseling for
LGBTQIA+ and Neurodivergent humans

Secular, religious-trauma-informed care

For as long as you can remember,
you've felt a bit 'different.'

A walking contradiction? More than once you've been described as someone who colors-outside-the-lines and thinks-outside-the-box. 

And, while your imaginative, analytical mind is in many ways a huge gift the uncomfortable truth is:


Being 'unique' can be unimaginably lonely

The idea of fitting in seems absurd, but at the same time belonging is both distant and cozy. It's undeniable that part of you wants not just acceptance, but celebration, connection, community. 

Yet, for as long as you can remember you've been doing this: 

Trying to hold it all together on your own.  

Here is a space for questioning.

Questions brought you here: a quest (or scream into the void) for clarity, a solution. You break things down, deconstruct them. Trying your damnedest to critical-think your way through this; you've thought and thought and thought about it. To your frustration you haven't solved the mystery of clear authenticity and human connection.

At Divergent Path Wellness, questions are welcome. Questions about therapy. Questions about identity. Questions about the world at large and the impact it has on you. Oppressive systems at large? Let's question it.

It makes sense to be skeptical. Questioning: Can this be a space where I can show up fully? Will a therapist meet my experience human-to-human with real understanding? Will they appreciate the very wonderment (that feels a lot right now like loneliness) that makes me, me? Can this help? Is it worth it?

Along with, and aided by, exploring your questions we will do the work: the stuff of growth and healing, to create a life that works for you.

The question for you is: How much longer do you wait to prioritize you?

Flexible Location

  • In-Office

  • Walk-and-Talk

  • Virtual across Virginia, North Carolina & South Carolina

Image by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič

Social Justice 

Aligned Practice

  • Culturally humble anti-racist practice

  • Neurodivergence & LGBTQIA+ Affirming

Image by Luca Bravo

Secular Therapy

  • Humanist Perspective

  • Religious Trauma Informed

  • Evidence-Based Practice (ACT)

Things can be different. 

Imagine the future after therapy. There your are: living your life as your creative, imaginative, one-of-a-kind self, no longer held back by fear or self-doubt.  

At Divergent Path Wellness, you've found yourself challenged and cheered for. You've healed and grown in ways you couldn't imagine at the beginning.

You're preparing to leave therapy with a new sense of confidence in yourself, equipped to manage difficult thoughts and feelings.

How do you meet that future self?

That starts today, with you reaching out.

Schedule your free consultation to get started now.

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