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You deserve informed, affirming care

Why Acceptance and Commitment Therapy at Divergent Path Wellness?

You're contemplating therapy. Whether you're dealing with chronic self-doubt, anxiety, past trauma, or relationship issues, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) can offer a path for healing.


Unlike other approaches that focus solely on changing the turmoil within, ACT focuses on what really matters: your values, your authenticity. ACT empowers you, ending the struggle with painful thoughts and feelings and creating a life you're showing up to. 

If you're here, you're probably experienced with emotional storms. We get it. Sometimes your brain is like, "Hey, let's freak out," and you're like, "Could we not?" Sometimes hoooly crap, that inner upheaval makes total sense. There's no magic to this. We can't turn off the storm. What ACT gives us is the tools to manage what comes. Maybe therapy is a set of killer rain boots and a solid umbrella for what feels like a torrential downpour.

How do you know if Acceptance and Commitment Therapy at Divergent Path Wellness is for you?

If you're a person who often feels out of step with the world you live in and wants support with your mental health, chances are: Yes. You're in the right place. Can we help you specifically? Here are some of the patterns we often work with:

  • Constant Overthinking: Your mind feels like a web browser with ALL the tabs open. You're always overanalyzing situations, conversations, and even your own feelings. It's exhausting.

  • Feelings? What Feelings?: You've become so good at putting things aside that you sometimes wonder if you've lost touch with your emotions. But then something triggers you, and it's like a dam bursting.

  • Impostor Syndrome: Whether it's work, friendships, or family, you often feel like you're faking it. You're scared that one day people will realize you're not as competent or 'together' as you appear.

  • Decision Paralysis: Even small choices become stress-inducing dilemmas. Should you text first? Did you say the wrong thing? Every decision feels like it has the weight of a thousand 'what-ifs.'

  • Relational Tug-of-War: You want to be close to people, but vulnerability feels loaded with risk. So, you oscillate between wanting intimacy and fearing the emotional "yikes!" that come with it.

  • Avoidance Tactics: You've got stealth skills: dodging uncomfortable situations or emotions. Deep intellectual dives? Video binges? Perusing the landscape of your imagination? All delicious. It can be a problem when it keeps from addressing what matters.

  • Self-critical Monologues: The voice in your head can be one top-tier critic, and it's taking a toll on your confidence and emotional well-being.

The Feeling of Therapy at Divergent Path Wellness


Dark humor and swearing happen here, as do growth and healing. We're in this with you: messy-human-to-messy-human. We're here to stand in the storm with you: "Really coming down, huh?" and walk beside you as you discover what works for you. 

What do you do in therapy?

You are the expert on your experience and the protagonist of your own story. Together, we'll dig deep to help you understand what matters to you. With a map of what matters to you, we can begin to build new skills to manage all the stuff life throws at you: self-doubt, anxiety, trauma, and relationship challenges.

How can Acceptance and Commitment Therapy help you heal and grow?

To help you discover your path to growth and healing, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is our compass (as well as umbrella and rainboots... metaphors abound, apparently).


With ACT in our pocket, your Divergent Path Wellness therapist will help you get super clear on what's most important to you and create the skills needed to direct your life toward those values. We'll have our compass, umbrella, and rainboots: equipped to find your way even when the crap life can dish out is "really coming down". 


Life isn't always gentle. It definitely doesn't come with a trigger warning. Even so, ACT equips you with strategies to live fully and meaningfully, no matter what comes your way.

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Find your direction at Divergent Path Wellness

How is Divergent Path Wellness different?

Let's be honest, there are lots of options when it comes to finding a therapist. Scrolling therapy directories fills our divergent minds, hearts and veins with overwhelm and dread (sticking with the storm metaphor: we feel that stress roll through like big ol' thunderheads).


Here, we understand what it is to feel like an outsider - to have reasons why opening up, the very action of being in therapy, is super challenging. We also know that the things that are the hardest - the scariest - are often really scary because we care about them.


Having the right fit for a therapist in it with you, that matters. If you're up to take the next step together, we are too. And trust us, the road ahead is a heck of a lot easier to navigate when you've got someone who gets it, walking beside you.

Lead the way

Feeling intrigued? Ready to make some space for a life that feels more like your own? Your adventure in healing and growth starts with a simple step. Schedule your free consultation today. Let's see what's possible together.

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