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Not Again! What to do with repetition frustration.

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

You know the feeling: when you've done the thing, and it hasn't worked, before. You might hear yourself having the same argument, or trying again to get your needs met. Repetition frustration is such a huge part of the growth process and it can feel really shitty when you're asking yourself how is that you haven't learned the lesson. Patience & gentleness as you grow and heal, that's a challenge.

"To be nobody but yourself in a world that’s doing its best to make you somebody else is the hardest battle you’re going to fight." - E.E. Cummings

We live in a world that constantly pushes us to move faster, achieve more, and often demands we wear masks that don't quite fit. The pressures can be immense, and it's all too easy to become impatient with ourselves, especially when we don't live up to expectations - either our own or those of others. But at Divergent Path Wellness, we believe in the importance of being patient with yourself, and here's why.

1. You Are the Protagonist of Your Story

Just like in a well-crafted novel, the protagonist doesn't reach the climax in the first chapter. Your story is a winding, complex narrative filled with twists, turns, and unexpected revelations. Being patient with yourself means allowing your story to unfold naturally. It's about accepting where you are and knowing that it's not the end; it's just a part of your unique path.

2. Creating Space for Authenticity

To grow into our true selves, we must create a space where authenticity can blossom. That means resisting the urge to rush through life's challenges or mask our true feelings. Being patient with yourself is an act of self-love and acceptance that lets you live in alignment with your values. It's not about waiting for something external to change, but rather embracing where you are right now.

3. Healing Takes Time

Whether you're dealing with emotional wounds, navigating complex relationships, or healing from spiritual or religious trauma, the process takes time. There's no fast track to understanding, no shortcut to acceptance. By being patient with yourself, you honor the process and allow healing to occur in its natural time.

4. Empowering Your Journey with Professional Support

Sometimes, the road can feel lonely and daunting, and that's okay. At Divergent Path Wellness, we don't pretend to be experts on your experience. But we do believe in the power of therapy as a partnership, where a professional can get into the weeds with you while you sort things through. We strive to provide a place to land, offering information, support, and acceptance as you create a life that works for you.

Embrace Patience, Embrace Yourself

The pressures of today's world are real, and they can often make us feel like we're failing, especially if we don't conform to the usual patterns or expectations. With all the gentleness I can muster, I invite you to notice the pressure and give yourself permission to slow the f*ck down. Healing and growth require time and change, whatever that looks like for you, is a process.

Being patient with yourself isn't about stagnation; it's about allowing room for growth, for reflection, for understanding. It's about knowing that you're enough as you are, right now (no kidding) even when you're struggling. It's a commitment to yourself, to your authenticity, and the unfolding that is your own story.

If you're feeling the weight of impatience, frustration, or even despair, know that you're not alone. We believe in you. If you're in Virginia and interested in therapy, you're welcome to connect with the team at Divergent Path Wellness. If for any reason, we're not the right fit for you, we encourage you to keep going. Reach out to someone. For many people it helps to connect with a therapist. Sometimes it makes sense to have someone by your side to explore your path with. Because you, having a place to land, matters to us.

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