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Helen Dempsey-Henofer

Helen, an AuDHDer and founder of Divergent Path Wellness, sits by a basket of fidget toys in their office. They smile gently while holding a small ball of purple playdough.

I understand feeling stuck. You think about sharing your experience, trying to get some support. Words catch in your throat. Your stomach flip-flops. 

Not figuring it out feels like failure, which is straight-up unthinkable. Of course you tell yourself you should be able to figure this out, to find a release-valve that relieves some of the pressure, where you feel the ease implied by the phrase, "just be yourself."


That's cute: just.

Not unlike you, I've had times where I needed support. As a queer, nonreligious Autistic person with ADHD my experiences with being misunderstood -or treated like an oddity- have made it challenging to get support. When I was most struggling, talking to a therapist felt out of reach. I needed space to be weird and real about the things I struggled with. 


I struggled for longer than I'd like to admit without reaching out. I know it's hard to get help.

I also know that change can happen and things can be different. For you, my fellow weirdo. You need someone to get into the weeds, to be real, weird, and honest with.


When we work together, I acknowledge that you are the expert on your experience:  the protagonist of your own story. It's also okay for you to be sarcastic, dark and twisty. I'm here for it.

It's been my honor to work alongside people exploring their identities, facing life's vulnerable moments and friggin'-huge challenges in my professional roles for over a decade.


My commitment to inclusive services is present throughout my work: in the therapy room and in publications and trainings (listed below). It led me to start Divergent Path Wellness where I am grateful to create space for my fellow humans, who have often felt out-of-sync, to show up more confidently as themselves.

I use an evidence-based therapy (ACT or Acceptance and Commitment Therapy). You might think of it as the antidote for internalized oppression and a catalyst for creating a life that works for you. Your voice matters here. I bring tools and perspectives to session, but ultimately we're in it together to discover what works for you.

I'm so glad you're here now, reading this page, thinking about talking to someone. You doing this now, it matters.

Things can be better. You can feel clearer, more confident, more at ease. 

You've been trying to do this alone long enough. Today, take the next step. Reach out. Get started.

Helen Dempsey-Henofer, LCSW, ADHD-CCSP

Licensed clinical social worker 


Virginia (license no. 0904010297) - Clinical supervisor

South Carolina (license no. 13883)

North Carolina (license no. C013369)

ADHD-Certified Clinical Services Provider


The fee for a 55-minute session with Helen is $235

In-network with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

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